Down Synodrome

What's the big deal? By: Emma Wilson

Down syndrome is the most typical cause of intellectual disability. It is caused by the presence of an additional instance of the chromosome 21. This disease can be inherited but can only be detected at and before birth through a set of observations. It is equal between genders, races, and religious/ethnic groups.It gets more common if the mother is past a certain age. The older the mother when the child is born, there is a greater chance the child will have Down syndrome.

The symptoms of Down syndrome include abnormal blood patterns, difficulty breathing, and Alzheimers disease. The offspring is weakness in muscles, inability to speak, and often has heart disease. They develop slower than normal, their life span is 55 years old, they sometimes can't gain weight, and they get holes in their heart. It was founded by John Langdon Down.
Usually, this disease is tested before birth by using ultrasounds. Most of the characteristics are physical, so it is obvious at birth. After birth, you can easily see that the offspring has down syndrome by observing. There is no cure for down syndrome but there is physical treatment to overcome some symptoms.