No More Fossil Fuels!

Fossil fuels have a negative impact on our world.

Why Fossil Fuels Are Bad

People may not look deep into what generates their heat and energy, some people just don't care as long as they have it. Fossil fuels have a bad impact on our environment, there are hidden expenses and fossil fuels will soon extinguish anyway. Solar or hydro energy may be a better fit for Minnesota. They don't pollute our air or water as fossil fuels do and create less chances of making people sick. Most people may not have known that people do get sick from the pollution coming from the burning of fossil fuels, then those people would have health expenses. Fossil fuels create problems.

Fossil Fuels Are No Good!

Why Switch To Solar?

Solar power will not be polluting! Using Solar power can be a very big impact on our forests.
None of the chemical caused by burning fossil fuels will destroy our natural resources, or exotic animals living in there.