Estonia (Kidney Stone)

By Trystin Ogg

Here is some background information.

Estonia is part of the baltic states(Including Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia)

It includes 2355 islands, the diverse terrain makes it where many lakes have formed.


Geography and Travel

The main major cities are Tallinn (North, West, on the coastline), Tartu(South, East, next to Russia) and Narva(North, East, Top corner net to Russia).

Government/Foreign Policy

Estonia is a Parliamentary Republic, limited government and apart of the UN.

The Current leader of Estonia is Toomas Hendrik IIves.

Rights ~ A citizen has the rights to vote in Riigikogu and local government elections.

Duties ~obey constitutional arrangements, participate in national defense men aged 16-60. Take care of their children and family members in need of assistance. Preserve the living and natural environment and compensate for damage inflicted to the environment.


The name of the currency in Estonia is Euro. 1 dollar is .90 Euro.

Exports/Imports ~ Machinery, Equipment, Mineral products, agriculture products, Wood (Wood Products) and Metal (Metal Products).

GPD 18,783.06 USD

Social and Ethnic Groups

The major ethnic groups are Estonians(About 88%), Russians(About 8%) and Ukrainians.(Close to 2-3%). In Estonia you are forced to go to school until you are 17. Education system consists of Pre-School, Basic School, General secondary education, vocational education and higher education.

Religion(s), Language, Country Flag

The Main religion is Evangelical Lutheranism, the secondary religion is Orthodox Christianity. The Official Language spoken is Estonian.
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The Estonian Flag was created on May 8, 1990.

Blue represents loyalty and the countries beautiful skies.

Black represents the fertile soil.

White represents Estonia's hard and long process of becomes free and independent.

Traditional Holidays or Festivals, Traditional Clothing, and Food

Epiphany~January 6th

Marks the end of Christmas season or St. Thomas day.

Independence Day~ February 24th

Food :

In Fall and winter, soups and stew with potatoes at most meals. In the Spring/Summer, fresh tomatoes and cucumbers accompany every m

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Clothing : For certain occasions people of Estonia where these traditional clothes.