Civilian Conservation Corps

By: Ella, Tyler, Cris


A huge problem in the US today is homelessness . The CCC would take in young homeless and unemployed adults to work for money to eventually get out of their slump. The CCC would provide basic necessities for people while they're working hard to earn money. Young men would be doing more laboring work while the women do things such as cooking, cleaning, nursing, etc. The CCC would also offer counseling for the mentally ill. Everyone who comes to the CCC is guaranteed to come out a happier person then before!


When this program was created it was just aimed at young unemployed men. Now that it's 2016 the rules have changed. There are half a million homeless people in the US right now, and the CCC would like to change that. Young homeless men and women would be able to come and work for real money.

Actions of the goverment

In order to succeed in the renewal of the CCC, it will need some help from the government. The government will need to clear out large plots of land for it to start up camp.It will also need money about every month to pay for food and housing for the "campers". One last thing the CCC would need is free transportation so that the homeless people could get to camps.
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The CCC will place these camps in states with large amounts of open land. These states include Texas, Oklahoma, Wyoming ,Ect.


In order for the CCC to be successful (decreasing the homeless rate in the US) the CCC would need to be around for at least 7 years. The reason we chose a longer time period is because so many homeless people need help, and lets be truthful, that will take a while.
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The federal government should do this for its citizens because it would take people off the streets and also create a better economy for the USA. When the homeless people come back from camp, more of them will want to get jobs, and with more jobs the government can collect more income tax. So the federal government would be helping the citizens of the US while still helping themselves.
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