Northeast Woodlands

It's Green


The people of this region eat a diverse menu, from bear, deer, nuts, and berries, to corn dumplings, smoked meat, and woodchucks. These people excel in war, and hunting. Especially the Iroquois. These ferocious people can even lapse into cannibalism. They're experts with the tomahawk, and bows and arrows.These people get around mostly by canoeing down rivers, and by lakes. the tribes have a variety of religions, mostly based on natural phenomena. They have multiple ceremonies in which they wear spiritual masks. They prefer living in wigwams crafted from hides with flaps for entryways. Their tools are from carved pine, or spruce canoes, stone hammers, and poles for fishing. They also have simple traps for catching small game. But some tribes use tepees. They eat very well, their climate is rich with food. Overall, it is a rich and diverse cultural location.

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The Iroquois are the most well known tribe in their entire region. They were dominantly warlike, and defended an impressive plot of land. They had a diverse farming setup which enabled them to expand rapidly. They had an especially bad relationship with the neighboring Algonquian tribes. But they also had a quarrel with their supposed French allies in 1609, labeled the Beaver Wars. (this supposedly stopped the French from invading would be American land in the later years). The war also included 3 rival tribes. But even so, they managed to force the 3 tribes into submission. Unlike other tribes, the Iroquois had an equal rights society, where women were treated with the same respect that the men were. So overall i think the Iroquois were the most influential tribe in their region.