Safety & Security Newsletter

Ellensburg School District

In this issue: SRO Spotlight, Apps to be aware of, School Emergency Drills, Volunteer Opportunities

School Emergency Drills

All schools are required by state law to conduct monthly safety drills. These drills are conducted during the school day with all students. In the hybrid learning environment, we usually conduct our drills back-to-back in order to practice with both sets of A & B students.

Why do we practice?

  • To ensure we have a safe, orderly response to potential emergencies
  • In a real situation we resort to muscle memory and our training
  • Time is important! The quicker we can account for students the quicker we can communicate with emergency responders

What do we practice?

  • Evacuation
  • Emergency Lockdown (threat inside a building)
  • Secure & Teach (threat outside of a building)
  • Shelter in Place (bad air/chemicals/smoke outside)
  • Earthquake

We modify our drills to make them appropriate for all grade levels as well. If you have any questions about our emergency response in schools, please contact your child's school administrator, or contact Neil Musser, Director of School Security & Safety.