How to install any computer Program

Do this on your Mac or your Windows

How to install a program on your Mac

I will show you how to install a program on your computer. The program we will install is called Steam. I use it every day.(any yellow boxes you see are to hide any personal files on the computer I am using.)

Step One: Enter your internet browser and find the website

Enter you browser and go to the link down below.

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Step Two: Click on the button called "Install Steam"

This Button will be in the top right corner of your screen
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Step Three: Click on "Install stream now"

Hover over the button that says "install Stream Now" and then click on it
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Step Four: Open your downloads

Click on the "Finder" icon then click on the "House" then click on the "Downloads" icon

Step 5:Drag the downloaded file named "Steam.dmg" to your desk top

Once you click on it drag it to your desktop. Mine is named differently because i have already installed it.
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