Class Updates

Mrs. Gaal and Ms. Marrion

This week marks the end of the 1st semester already!

This week's envelope contains:

-Humanities artifacts worksheet

-Spanish update & rubric

-Math Quiz + Rubric – Multiplication of Fractions

-Math practice problems

-Math cumulative review #1 and #2


We spent the beginning of the week analyzing the original artifacts from their civilizations. Students went around the room and speculated what the artifact was, how it was used, and its importance. Next, they used the augmented reality app, Aurasma, to check their guesses, having already uploaded and attached a video explanation to a picture of their artifact. In the folder this week, you can find the worksheet they used to make observations about the artifacts. Be sure to ask them to show you the Aurasma app on your phone or iPad.

Students have also spent the past two days presenting to their peers their completed civilizations. We have seen some fabulous work through Minecraft, ThingLink, Glogster, iMovie, and live performances. While their creativity continues to impress me, a major goal of this project was to practice collaboration skills. As you saw from the social contracts that went home last week, students have been actively applying their diplomatic and problem-solving skills to this small-group project. For some, it’s been an easy skill to practice, but for others, it’s been an opportunity for growth in this area.


Our focus this past week in math/science was:

  • Introducing division of fractions and its relation to multiplication.

  • Applying these skills to solve related word problems.

  • Discussing joules and solve kinetic/potential energy word problems.

  • Seeing first hand the architectural reasoning behind using the triangle while building.

Ask your child about their straw tower. What worked well and what they would modify? Was their structure able to hold at least 5 paperback books? Have them show you a snapshot of their creation.

Next week we will:

  • Continue to work with division of fractions and its relationship to multiplication.

  • Try another building exercise. For this we will need newspaper so if you have any at home, please send it in with your child.