Gas Law Project!!!!!!!

By: Yitsel Hernandez

How do we open a soda can and why?

Have you ever wondered why when we open the cap of your soda you do it slow allowing the air to gradually escape before completely removing the lid? Is it just because we are used to it or because we know if we do it to fast it will fizz and everything will spill on you? Well there is a good reason of why we do this and what law is used on this real life thing we drink of.

The Soda Can and its law being used!!

The law being used in the soda can is Boyle's Law, which consist of both pressure one and two and volume also. The sound that the soda can makes or fizz when you open is carbonation. Water is pumped full of carbon dioxide, causing it to bubble up as the CO2 makes its escape. Throw some syrup in the mix, and you have soda pop. When a soda bottle is filled, it is also full of pressure. When you slowly open the cap, the gas is able to increase its volume in order to decrease the pressure. Since the soda itself is carbonized, the CO2 gasses are escaping as well, and you have your fizz. Shaking up the bottle causes that neat pocket of carbon dioxide gas in the top to mix in with the soda. When you pop the cap off, suddenly all of these excess gas bubbles within the soda want to expand and escape their high pressure as well. Rather than being able to expand and shoot out of that neat pocket of air with a big fizz sound , and they expand while they're still in the soda. As it tries to muscle its way out, it pushes the soda along with. Pressure in the bottle goes down, volume of the gas goes up, and the soda spills everywhere. That is why some of us wonder why this happens when we are not cautious when it comes to opening our soda can. So, next time see how you open it before you make a mess on you.