STEM Construction Presentation

By Jennifer Morales Ruiz

Card Board Chair Project

The first major project we had was building a cardboard chair. Our only materials we were able to use was cardboard. The chair was suppose to be able to hold 120 pounds for one min. and thirty seconds.The project was based on a idea that you find yourself stuck in a strange place. The people in this place do not have chairs, and they stand up at their desks and computers. You explain the idea of the chair to them, and they would love to have one! The only problem is that the only available material for constructing a chair is cardboard! You don’t have any tape or glue, so you must design a chair using cardboard that will support the weight of a typical person in this place.

Rubber band and cups

In this project we got in groups of four and had to unstack and restack the cups using one rubber band with four strings attached to it. We could only use one hand and were not able to speak to one another. This project taught us alot because we had to work together if one person did not use enough force it would of not worked out.
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'Unsinkable' boat

Our objective was to be able to make a boat out of aliumine and popcilles that had to withhold 16 pennys and not sink. My groups boat as shown below made it to withhold a total amount of 85 before sinking. We were not allowed to use no other material to help us. This showed us that we must think that anything can happen and that we must work in a group to workout certain things.
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