Dividing is fun!

how to divide

  1. lets say our problem is 123 divided by 26 you will have to make a house and put your first number in the house then your second out the house next to it on the left
  2. round your numbers first since 26 is your divisor you round that number first and that rounds to 30 now you have to round your second number to something related to your first so 123 rounds to 120 so that equals 4 so the answer is going to be around 4
  3. see how many times 26 can fit in to 123 but to make it easier you can say does 26 go in to 1 no so does 26 go in to 12 no so 26 goes in to 123
  4. see how many times 26 can go in to 123 a easy way is to count by 26 or take a guess if your guess is too high try lowering it so i got 104 so i put 104 on top of the 123 then subtract then you get 19 so the answer is 4 remainder 19