Snow White with A Twist

By Bianca

Paragraph 1

Once upon a time there lived a beautiful princess, her name was Snow White. She was so beautiful her jealous step mother dressed her in rags and made her mop the castle floors. But Snow White didn’t mind , she sang as she worked.

Paragraph 2

One day a handsome prince heard her sing,so he climbed the castle walls to see who was singing but Snow White was afraid and ran away. The prince said, “don’t be afraid.” So Snow White slowly came out’ not knowing that her step mother had been watching their encounter.

Paragraph 3

Her jealous stepmother was filled with rage, she turned around and asked her mirror, “mirror mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all?” The mirror replied, “Snow White.” Her stepmother was furious so she hired seven dwarfs to kill Snow White.Sleepy and Grumpy did not agree but did not tell the others because they would start a fight. So the two dwarfs listened to their plan so they could put a stop to it. But little did Sleepy and Grumpy know that the other dwarfs had figured them out. All the other dwarfs said,”they are traitors,” so they set off on their own and did not tell Sleepy or Grumpy.

Paragraph 4

Meanwhile, Snow White was picking black berries for her jam when five very scary and mean looking dwarfs came towards her. Snow White screamed! Sleepy said, “Hey, that sounds like Snow White.” They both ran through the forest like their lives depended on it. In a few seconds they found Happy, Dopey,Sneezy, Bashful and Doc scaring Snow White.”Leave her alone,” said Grumpy.They all turned around.”Hey look its the traitors,” said Doc.” Get ‘em.”

They all got in a big fight.”Hey, my tomato!” said Sneezy (no one heard him!) Sneezy. Because Sleepy was so tired he fell to the ground. All the dwarfs thought he was dead and they all crowded around Sleepy.

Paragraph 5

“What have we done?”, said Bashful. Every one was crying. Suddenly Sleepy woke up “you’re alive.” “What were we thinking.” All the dwarfs took Snow White to their house where they apologized and sat her down where they told her what had happened.

Paragraph 6

So later that day they went back to the kingdom and killed the evil queen and lived happily ever after in the kingdom.