Summer reading 2014

anything but typical by nora raleigh baskin

Anything But Typical

I think everyone is too hard on Jason. For example, during one of his art classes the art teacher yelled at him for not drawing in a face when he needed help. Another example of this is when he was going to the library and he was so happy, the computer he wanted to sit at was taken so he stood behind the chair waiting for the girl that was at the computer to log off and leave. He stood there quietly minding his own business when the girl turned around and said " Ew, you're breathing on me, you're gross." When first of all Jason didn't even know this girl sitting at the chair... The last example of this is that when him and his mom went to a restaurant, his mom had to go to the bathroom and he had to sit and wait for his mom to come back. As he was waiting, there were 2 girls standing there and one of them said he was cute, Jason looked up and smiled and the 1 of the girls said, "EWW IS THAT HIS FACE OR IS IT JUST A LOOK!!!???" the other girl said "no that's just his ugly face", and they both walked away. I feel Jason is a nice boy, but people shouldn't judge him on his looks.

Conflicts Jason Faces

Some conflicts that Jason face are he has ASD or what his mom likes to say PDD-NOS, which means pervasive development disorder-non-specific. Another conflict would be there is a girl he really likes, and her name is Rebecca, that is going to a convention that he is also attending, sounds ok, right? Well its not, Jason isn't what I would like to say handsome, or cute... he is scared that when he sees Rebecca, that she wont like him anymore. Another conflict that he has is his teachers and all the students in the school don't get him... as in they don't understand Jason... I feel that if Jason was more confident and wasn't so shy then maybe the story would be completely different...


If I could give this book 0-5 stars I would give it a 4.8 out of 5. The reason is because this book will have you turn page after page and just zone out of the world and straight into the book, you keep reading and reading and before you know it you've read for 2 or 3 hours, but it feels like you've only read the book for 30 minutes... this book is very interesting, not like other books that you read to help you fall asleep. This book is the complete opposite of that .Anything But Typical by Nora Raleigh Baskin