Insurance, Credit, Saving,Investing

3rd Period Economics Jeffrey Le


Insurance: Why is it important?

It is important because it protects you when something bad happens to you. The company can either pay you money or replace your belongings that are damaged. They can even pay for your medical bills if you get hurt, for your doctors appointment, or pay a little bit for your medicine.
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Short term Insurance:

Short term insurance can help you for a limited amount of time. This is useful when waiting for another insurance plan to start. Coverage plans may be up to six months or 12 months.

Long Term Insurance:

Long term insurance can help you in many different ways. The policy can help you pay for the care you can no longer do yourself. It can also protect your family's investments and savings.


There are so many policies to choose from that some of them you don't even need and you are paying for them. You are basically giving free money away. If you don't have health insurance you can get fined by the government.


Investing: Why is it important?

When you invest you are buying something and getting something out of it. It can be many things like money, entertainment, education or etc.,.
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Short Term Investing:

Short term investments is when a company makes an investment and they plan on to sell it or it expires within the year is over. This can be stocks or bonds that can be canceled quickly.

Long Term Investing:

Long term investments are different than short term investments. Short term investments are most likely to be sold, where long term is not going to be sold. This can be where a company wants to hold on their investment for more than a year. For example; stocks, cash, real estate, or bonds.


It can be risky to invest in some things. For example, the stock market can go up which is good or go down which can make you lose money and eventually lead to bankruptcy or debt or some of the things you invest in it could be a scam


Credit: Why is it important?

It is important to have a good credit because it can depend on if you want to buy a house, car, or etc.,. Having a bad credit can make you lose more money than what you are paying.
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Short Term Credit:

There's money right there if you need to use need it. You can pay the fees and price at a later date, You are basically borrowing money from the bank.

Long Term Credit:

Having a good credit over a long period of time can let have things like a house, a car, or etc.,. When you don't pay your credit bills you can go into debt or they will make you pay more than you already did before.


If you start spending too much and use you credit card and don't pay the bill later the price could be bigger. It can also make you do into debt. There is even the risk to being hacked and stealing your numbers.


Savings: Why is it important?

It is important because saving can help you a lot later in life. It could be for emergency money, retirement, education ,or etc.,. It is what is left over personal expenses.
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Short Term Savings:

It can be important for those short period of time when you need money. You then can build off of that later on and make it bigger.

Long Term Savings:

Long term savings is important because you can have the money to pay off you bills. Even save for a big vacation or a luxury item or trip. Maybe even a new car you have been looking at for awhile. It is also important to save for a long time is because of retirement.


It can depend on how long you worked on your life and how hard you worked. It also depends on what job or career you had. There can even be a miscalculation when counting your money and it turns out you had less than what you thought.



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