CCS Instructor-Led Online PD

Summer 2019 Session

Digital Learning Competencies Courses

Google Classroom - The Basics and Beyond

Google Classroom makes it possible for you to create a blended learning platform; a virtual classroom to complement your physical one. You can create assignments with just a few clicks! You can see who's completed, who's still working, assign grades, offer instant feedback, and much more! Facilitated by Terri Peoples

1.0 CEU (10 hours) in Digital Learning Competencies Credit

Pre-requisite: A basic working knowledge of Google Apps for is strongly recommended but not required. You also must have access to a CCS Gmail account.

Cultivating Citizenship in Today's Digital World

In this increasingly global world of education, students must be taught to seek diverse perspectives, gather and use information ethically, and use social tools responsibly and safely. This course provides resources to help you implement digital citizenship into your curriculum. Resources for all grade levels are provided. Facilitated by Pamela Phelps

1.0 CEU (10 hours) in Digital Learning Competencies (or Academic Content Credit for Media Coordinators)

Blended Learning

As more educators begin to see the impact blended learning can have on student learning and engagement, there is a growing demand to train teachers on how to utilize technology to enhance instruction. This course will explain what blended learning is and what it is not, will examine models for the implementation of blended learning, and will provide participants with a collection of digital tools that work well in a blended learning environment. Guided practice with feedback from CCS educators will allow participants to apply anything and everything that's covered in their own classrooms immediately! Facilitated by Angela Westmoreland

1.0 CEU (10 hours) in Digital Learning Competencies Credit

Getting Good at Google

This is the perfect basic course to help you become more Google-savvy! Here we will explore what Google Drive has to offer, as well as Google Docs, Slides, and Forms. Learn to leverage the power of Google to collaborate with colleagues, share virtually any kind of file, and create learning situations that can help students succeed. While this course is written with classroom instruction at its core, it's certainly flexible enough to be applicable for anyone who works in our wonderful field of education. Facilitated by Jennifer Graham

1.0 CEU (10 hours) in Digital Learning Competencies Credit

Getting Good at Google (and Other Ed Tech Tools)

Technology can be a teacher's best friend and a student's greatest resource, but how does a teacher navigate this ever-evolving digital world? Participants in this course will explore tools within and beyond the Google Suite for Education. This course will "kick off" with a face-to-face meeting, and then proceed as an online course, facilitated through Google Classroom. Although the course is designed to meet the requirements of Lateral Entry teachers, any active or retired CCS teacher is welcome to register. Facilitated by Jennifer Graham

3.0 CEUs (30 hours) in Digital Learning Competencies Credit

Note: This course will require 30 hours of work across nine weeks. The course will begin June 10th and will end on August 9th. Weekly assignments will be posted throughout the session, and optional face-to-face support session will be offered.

Literacy and Academic Content Courses

Making the Most of Informational Texts in Your Teaching

The link between strategic teaching and student learning is critical, and this is especially true when it comes to students' development and growth in reading. This course helps participants learn about and sharpen current practices in research-based strategies that support literacy. These strategies can be integrated into all content areas. Facilitated by Gaundi Allen

1.0 (10 hours) CEU in K-5 Literacy OR 6-12 Academic Content

Vocabulary - Which Words, What Ways, and Why?

Educational research is clear: Knowing more words leads to more success in school. But how can teachers choose the right words that students need to know and the right ways to teach them? This course helps educators apply a systematic vocabulary instruction plan including word consciousness, individual word instruction, word learning strategies, and rich/varied language learning experiences. Facilitated by Jennifer Graham

1.0 CEU (10 hours) in K-5 Literacy OR 6-12 Academic Content

Differentiation by Design - Reaching and Teaching Every Learner

This course helps teachers translate the theory of Differentiated Instruction into the practice of it. Course activities are designed to help teachers maximize students' individual potential through rigorous tasks, regardless of their socioeconomic status, ethnic origins, background, readiness, or ability. Through course readings and assignments, teachers will build expertise in differentiating content, assessment tools, performance tasks, and instructional strategies. Facilitated by Jennifer Matlack

2.0 CEUs (20 hours) in Academic Content

While this course may be completed by any CCS teacher for Academic Content credit, it also serves as one of two courses in a series for CCS local AIG endorsement.

Strategies for Understanding and Teaching the Gifted

This course focuses on gifted education from a national, state, and local level. Participants will examine the historical foundations of gifted education and the impact this history has had upon legislation. Participants will also explore characteristics of gifted learners, the process of identifying gifted learners, and the local plan for serving gifted learners. Participants will practice ways to craft lessons in their curriculum area that meet the needs of their particular gifted learners. Facilitated by Brigitte Hardwick

2.0 CEUs (20 hours) in Academic Content

While this course may be completed by any CCS teacher for Academic Content credit, it also serves as one of two courses in a series for CCS local AIG endorsement.

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Important Dates for CCS Instructor-Led Online PD: Summer 2019 Session

Registration Opens: May 17, 2019

Registration Closes: June 5, 2019

Courses Begin: June 10, 2019

*Courses End: July 19, 2019

*Getting Good at Google (and Other Ed Tech Tools) will end on August 9, 2019

CCS Online Professional Development courses are located in HomeBase. In order to see course descriptions and register for courses, you will first need to enter NCEES, where the online PD platform is located (the same area where you can find your teacher evaluation tool). To find course descriptions, register for courses, and participate in courses, start by clicking on the Home Base login at the bottom of the CCS home page. (Please note that course names/descriptions will not appear in the platform until registration opens and will no longer appear once registration for a course is full. The system has been set up this way by NCDPI).


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