• He was elected for leader
  • He was the one that started the fire
  • Ralph was the one that came up with the plans

Character changes

Ralph did not change he was the one that cared about everyone. He was also the one that tried to keep everyone together.


The island was very tropical. It was also a lagoon with warm water. "The beach was interrupted abruptly by the square motif of the landscape; a great platform of pink granite thrust up uncompromisingly through forest and terrace and sand and lagoon to make a raised jetty four feet high" (p.12).
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Rules are important because with out them they would go crazy. Also because with out them the boys wouldn't be alive. Some of the boys wanted to be with out rules and they went crazy. They killed 2 of the boys the brave one (Simon) and the nice on Piggy.


"William Golding was born in Cornwall in 1911 and was educated at Marlborough Grammar School and at Brasenose College, Oxford. Apart from writing, his past and present occupations include being a schoolmaster, a lecturer, an actor, a sailor, and a musician" (Unknown).
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