Poseidon (neptune)

the god of the sea

brother of Zeus and Hades

A mighty Trident and a liking for the sea. He was very suited for the god of the sea. he didn't want too much responsibility. He also didn't want to rule the underworld. He loved the sea and had sea green eyes.

One of the three killers of Kronos

As the evil Kronos kept eating the children Poseidon was one of the three that made it out of his grasp and killed him. Making him the ruler of the sea. He could have been the ruler of the underworld, but he did not like the underworld. He could have been the king of all gods, but he didn't want that much responsibility.

How the horse was made

As Poseidon wanted to impress Demeter, he decided to make a horse. But he failed many times before he succeeded. This is how many of the sea creatures are here today.

The all powerful trident

As Poseidon had his job of the god of the sea, he had to protect the sea animals. His trident was very helpful and it has three points on the end of it.
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The tree killers of Kronos