From the Desk of Dr. Nichols

Eastover Elementary School Updates-Weeks of Jan. 4 - Jan. 15

Welcome Back!!!

Happy New Year!!!

We're excited to be back from our holiday break! Please keep a look out for important school information below---including upcoming holidays, early release days, and teacher workdays. Looking forward to a GREAT 2nd semester here at Eastover!!

Dr. Nichols :)

Important Dates:

-Jan. 4-27- Reading 3D Testing Window (Grades K-3 only)

-Jan. 18- MLK Holiday, No School for students

-Jan. 20- End of 2nd 9 wks grading period

-Jan. 20- Early Dismissal for all students at 12:15pm

-Jan. 25- Teacher Workday, No school for students

-Feb. 3- Report Cards Sent Home


On January 20th, we will dismiss at 12:15pm. This is necessary so that our teachers can participate in professional development workshops.

Our school will open at our normal start time of 8:15am and lunch will be provided. Our buses will complete the end-of-day routes and parents/guardians will be able to pick up students who are car riders. We ask that you be in the car rider line no later than 12:00pm. We also ask that you notify day-care providers or other appropriate parties of the early dismissal.

If your student is currently enrolled in an After School Enrichment Program there is no need to take action. If you need after school assistance for January 20, please contact the ASEP site coordinator at 980-343-5505 or the ASEP department at 980-343-5567 two weeks prior to January 20 to make payment arrangements. This assistance will be provided on a first come, first serve basis.

Again the early release time will allow our teachers to take part in workshops that will help strengthen their knowledge and skills. This professional development will go a long way toward bringing additional value to your student’s learning experience during this school year.

If you have questions, please contact us at 980-343-5505.

Updates to Bus Rider Safety (Effective Jan. 1, 2016)

As Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools students return to school on Jan. 4, families need to know there are some new safety features for school bus riders. Beginning Jan. 1, the State of North Carolina has implemented standard crossing signals to help protect students when they cross the street to board or exit the bus. Click this link for more information:

Please help support our Bearded Dragons!

We are currently raising money for new cages for Fat Girl and Stoner (they are located in the Auditorium). The 2 year old dragons were brought to the school as babies. They have grown tremendously and Stoner and Razor no longer fit into their tanks. Thanks to an Eagle Scout, Razor has a beautiful, 15 foot enclosure. We are requesting funding to buy larger tanks for Fat Girl and Stoner. These larger tanks will fit their needs throughout their life spans with us at Eastover. We are also requesting funding for miscellaneous items such as bulbs and tank furniture.

If you would like to help, please click the link below, thank you!!!

Download the CMS Mobile App

As winter weather approaches, now is the perfect time to download the CMS mobile app on your Apple or Android device. The app makes it easy to receive weather-related updates and access the latest CMS news, calendars and more anytime, anywhere. Visit

Cooler Weather/School Uniform Reminder-

Please don’t forget with the cooler weather—students need to be in uniform with their navy blue or white jackets/sweaters during instructional time in the classroom (8:15am-3:15pm).

School Safety Reminders

-Doors are locked all day (buzz-in entry only)—please press button to right of main entrance for assistance

-Checking out students---please try to check out students by 2:45pm each day. This helps ensure that our dismissal processes flow smoothly and ALL students are accounted for and arrive home safely!!

-Photo ID--Remember to bring your photo ID (school visits/student check-ins and check-outs)

-PM Transportation Changes-Please provide your child’s teacher with a written note for any afternoon transportation changes

-Reminders about lunchtime visits:

-please remember to only have lunch with your student/child

-once lunch is over, please say your goodbyes in the cafeteria in order for the class to leave the cafeteria on time in order to start instruction back up quickly in his/her classroom

Are you a CMS Registered Volunteer?

If you are an Eastover volunteer, or simply coming for lunch with your child, you need to be a Registered CMS Volunteer. Click below to get registered. If you've already registered in a previous year, simply login and confirm your information.

Grade Level News (Week of 1/4 and 1/11)


-Literacy Theme: Literacy Theme: The Mitten- Letter Name and Sounds (Long vowels, CVC Words CVCe words, Review letter sounds, Medial sounds), and continuing the use of Daily 5.

-Math Unit: Measuring and Counting- Students continue to develop strategies to understand what length is, ID the longest dimension of an object, and compare lengths of different objects.

-Science Unit: Polar Animals- Students will learn about polar animals and their characteristics for survival in winter.

-Social Studies: NA

-Writing: Launching Writer's Workshop- We Are All Writers-Writers write about what they know (Mini-books, Mentor texts, Correct formation of upper and lower case letters)

-Health: Second Step Curriculum (taught by School Counselor)

1st grade:

-Literacy: Launching Reader's Workshop--Students will review all reading strategies from 1st semester and will be reviewing non-fiction text features and details (Reading 3D Testing Window 1/4-1/27).

-Math: How many of each? Students will continue to review solving word problems (using fact families, 3 addends, as well as find the missing addends in the problems). Students will also work to identify minute and hour hand on the clock.

-Science: NA

-Soc. Studies: Winter Holidays--Students will identify and explain different holidays celebrated throughout the world in winter.

-Writing: Launching Writer’s Workshop- Persuasive Writing- Students will write to persuade the whole class to have a pet cat or dog.

-Health- Feelings/Safety-Taught via School Counselor (Second Step Curriculum)

2nd grade:

-Literacy: Character Traits-Students will be able to: identify the character traits of characters in a variety of Christmas books, relate the book version of The Polar Express to the movie version , and students will complete Christmas/Holiday themed reading comprehension passages.

-Math: Addition and Subtraction Strategies and Place Value Unit--Students will work on: addition and subtraction strategies, use known combinations to add two and three numbers, understand that order does not matter when adding, use double and near doubles combinations to solve addition and subtraction problems, use a calculator as a mathematical tool, and will compare a number to 20 to find the difference.

-Science: NA

-Soc. Studies: Christmas Around the World--Students will be able to learn about the holiday celebrations in: Sweden, Germany, Israel, Mexico. Students will be able to compare the similarities and differences between the holidays.

-Writing: Persuasive Writing--Students will write a letter to Santa explaining why they would be a good elf. Their writing must include reasons persuading Santa to pick them as an elf. Students will take the entire piece of writing through the writing process.

-Health: Completed with School Counselor

3rd grade:

-Literacy: Literacy Theme-Nonfiction Reading: Expository Texts- Readers will: find the main idea by looking for ‘pop out’ sentences, and notice when the text transitions into a new subtopic by saying, ‘oh, this is about a new subtopic',pay special attention to technical words by using text features to define them, and synthesize information about a topic by looking for similarities and differences across texts.

-Math: Area/Graphing-Students will measure rectangles using square units of different sizes and will interpret and create a scaled picture and bar graph.

-Science: Matter- Students will understand the structure and properties of matter before and after they undergo a change. Students will also recognize that air is a substance that surrounds us, takes up space and has mass. Compare solids, liquids, and gases based on their properties.***Students will finish this unit this week with a quiz.

-Soc. Studies: Government/Civics Unit: Students will begin to understand the development, structure, and functions of local government. (Focus on federal, state and local governments and what their purpose is in our community. This includes the foundations of our government, 3 branches, and government processes. Students will explore our government through project-based learning.)

-Writing: Narrative Writing and the Writing Process- Students will focus on grammar skills and sentence structure (8 parts of speech). Students will begin informative writing/nonfiction text project (Reading & Writing project).

-Health- Students will be able to identify classroom distractions and assertive communication skills in response to scenarios.

4th grade:

Literacy: Literacy Theme Cycle #3 (12/7 - 1/29) (Literary Selection this week: A Picture Book of Amelia Earhart by David Adler)

Students will: understand that the structure of a text helps to understand how the writer is connecting events, ideas, and concepts, understand that a text may have an overall structure of one kind and different types of structures within its parts, understand they need to use all parts of the text to understand the text more fully, study charts, graphs, time lines, and other visual displays and put together the information that these give with what the text says to gain a deeper understanding, identify author’s points in a text and show how the author makes his / her claim(s), and will identify the reasons and the evidence that were provided to support the author’s particular points.

Math: Geometry- Students will: identify triangles based on their lines and angles, identify different angles in shapes, and identify different types of lines.

Science: Rock Cycle--Students will classify rocks based on their composition, how they are formed and the processes that create the rocks.

Soc. Studies: Students will learn how to handle money, investigate interest rates, and how to balance check books.

Writing: Students will continue to write narratives to develop real or imagined experiences. They will produce clear and coherent writing. Students will demonstrate command of the conventions of the standard English grammar and usage while writing (Continue working on Mini Task #2).

Health: Empathy-Students will be able to demonstrate expressing concern or showing compassion for someone.

5th grade:

Literacy: Historical Fiction and Nonfiction-Students will complete read-alouds (“Cornerstones of Freedom” and “Uncle Jed’s Barbershop) with a Close Reading of “Cornerstones” to practice compare/contrasting of events. Students will have centers and classroom discussions to delve into study of characters, events, theme, setting, and feelings to find connections between both books.

Math: Fractions: Students will be ntroduced to fractions this week (reciprocal, lcm & gcf, simplifying, equivalent fractions, and improper to mixed number/mixed number to improper)

Science: Students continue to learn physical and chemical properties and changes through Heat Transfer unit (conduction, convection, radiation) and compare and contrast heat and electricity using Venn diagram.

Soc. Studies: Colonial America- Students will be introduced to the following topics this week: Slave Trade, Background about West Africa, and Facing Dilemmas

Dilemma 1: Trading Slaves for Guns (protection)

Dilemma 2: Surviving the middle passage

Dilemma 3: Living as a slave in the colonies

Writing: Students will be printing their final expository piece in Technology class and working on “I have a dream” writing activity inspired by MLK.

Health: Second Step Lessons


Music-Chorus Club--Tuesdays (7:45am-8:30am--Auditorium)

PE-Hockey Unit--K-2 and 3-5 (Introduction to Basic Hitting Skills/Hockey). Please wear tennis shoes on PE days--thank you!

Tech- 2nd grade/Technology-publishing personal books (books will be delivered mid-January)

Media- Children's Book Award Winners--announced next Monday (1/11/16)

Art- 5th grade will be working on calligraphy in classes this week.