works progress administration

Est. April 8th, 1935

who did it help?

The "WPA" helped men and women in america that didn't have a job. Professional women were treated more equally to men, especially in the federal art, music, theater, and writer's project

what was the point in this program?

This program intended to help the men and women of america to obtain a job. they worked on highways, bridges, public buildings, and parks

relief, recovery, or reform?

This was a relief program from the New Deal. Franklin D. Roosevelt wanted the people to not stress about jobs. so he would "Relieve them from stress".

was it successful?

To some people it wasn't successful because the people who already had a job would get a lower income.

To the people who didn't have jobs or income, they now had both. Which made them think it was successful.

how does this program add to the understanding of the great depression?

This program adds to the understanding of the Great Depression by showing how the president tried to help the U.S during its times of trouble.

does the "WPA" still exist today?

The WPA is not still around today, it ended in 1942-43.

should it still be around today?

Yes, this program should still be around today. It gives everybody an opportunity to have a job and to live a sturdy life.
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Depression - Work Progress Administration
  • Millions of government dollars bought into public works and conservation projects were reviving the american consumer, thus putting industry back into production
  • Smaller businesses claimed the NRA codes and took them out of business
  • Codes protected workers from the sweat shop