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Population And Settlement Pattern

•The Current Population Of Dubai Is 2,452,586 ( as if January 13th 2016 )

• The United Arab Emirates Cities Are All Along The Coast Of Gulf Of Oman

Climate And Weather

• Dubai Is Warm And Sunny On A Daily Basis

• The Average Climate Is 25°c

• In The Summer Dubai Is Very Humid And Hot With The Temperatures Reaching In The Mid 40's

Physical Environment

• Dubai Has A Lot Of Tourist Sights

• Probably The Most Famous Thing Is The Burj Khalifa ( Their 160 Story Skyscraper, Also Known As The Tallest Artificial Structure In The World )

• Dubai Also Has The Burk Al Arab ( Which Is The Third Tallest Hotel In The World )

• Dubai Also Has A Place Called The world ( Which Is A Bunch Of Man Made Islands That Are Shaped As The World Map )

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• Between The Ages 25 - 54, Of The This Group 42% Is Female And The Average Male Working Population In The Age Bracket is 89%

•The Unemployment Rate Is Low ( At 4.2% ) Due To High level Of Economic Activity


• Dubai Runs On American And British Curriculum

• American Curriculum Runs From Kindergarten ( 5 Years Old ) To Grade 8 ( 14 Years Old ) ( For Primary Schooling )

• British Curriculum Runs From Year 1 ( 4-5 Years Old ) To Year 9 ( 14 Years Old ) ( For Primary Schooling )

• In Dubai For High School Students Are Required To Take Standardized Test Such As Advance Placement, SAT, IB Diploma, IGCSE, GCE Advance Level Or CBSE

• A New Curriculum Being Offered Is The IB Career-Related Program

Cost Of Living

•The Cost Of Living In Dubai Is 8.61% Higher Than Toronto

• The Exchange Rate Is, 1 Dollar In Canadian Is 2.56 AED

• To Buy A One Bedroom Apartment In The City Center Is 7,843.20 AED = 3,064.23 Canadian Money Per Month

• To Buy A Three Bedroom Apartment Outside The Center Is 10,697.77 AED = 4,179.47 Canadian Money Per Month

• To Buy A McDonald's Combo Is 25.00 AED = $ 9.77 In Canadian Money

Health And Safety

• Dubai's Crime Rate Is Relatively Low Compared To Other Cities The Same Size

• In Dubai The Police Department Drives Luxury Cars ( Such As The Bugatti )

• They Don't Drive Fast Cars To Chase Criminals, They Use It As A Marketing Tool To Breach The Gap Between The Police And The Community

• Dubai's Health Services Are Internationally Recognize And Are Of A High Of Standard, Compared To There Developed Countries

• Dubai's Health Care Is Run By The Department Of Health And Medical Services

• It Provides Free ( Or Very Low Cost ) Medical Services For UAE Residents

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