E-News: May, 2015

Michigan Association of School Social Workers



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Caseload Versus Workload

Around this time of year, we start receiving questions about the average SSW caseload numbers. The questions typically are due to discussions about next years’ staffing levels.

Steve Whitmore, Oakland Co SSW Consultant and MASSW Webmaster would like to encourage people to start changing the discussions from caseload to workload. The concept of workload targets your professional day to day duties in the areas of direct service, indirect service, support and compliance (see graphic). There is a movement across the nation from many Specialized Instructional Support Personnel (SISP) to participate in these types of discussion. (A 90 minute webinar is available by clicking here.)

Of course, these types of discussions require the systematic collection of data. Speech and Language Pathologists (SLPs) have already been doing this in various districts. Steve would like to see SSWs develop a similar framework and begin earnest data collection this next school year. If you would like to help him develop a tool, please let him know at: steve.whitmore@oakland.k12.mi.us.

Upcoming Events

Region A: Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder: New Kid on the Block

May 8, 2015 at 8:00

Learn about the DSM-5’s new diagnostic category; Disruptive Mood Dysrgulation Disorder (DMDD); a disorder considered to be a new distinction for understanding child and adolescent disorders. Approaches to understanding, assessing, differential diagnosis and the relationship between DMDD and Special Education. Cost $15 a member. (3 CEH)

Note: Location has been changed to Macomb Communty College's University Center #1, Room 110.

Click here for more information.

Region M: De-Escalating Emotionally Elevated Students: Understanding Anxiety and Trauma

Maureen Victor, LMSW-Utica Community Schools Social Worker

May 8, 2015

12:30 p.m. to 3 p.m. at the Macomb Intermediate School District (MISD)

For further information, contact maryellen.bross@uticak12.org or ahobrecht@misd.net

Click here for the event page.

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