Rocks and Minerals

information about rocks and minerals

examples of rocks and minerals

copper: used for construction, It also is the stuff that a penny is made of

coal: power electricity, coal helps lamps light up

Indium: used to conduct electricity, mostly used in LCD's

Limestone: manufacture paper, used in gum

Lead: used in gasoline additives, used in pencils

Marble: used for architectural purposes, used to make... well marbles

Lithium: used in ceramics, used in glass

Granite: An igneous rock used in construction, used in monuments

Manganese: used in construction, machinery, and transportation, used in manganese ferroalloys

Basalt: igneous rock equivalent of Platonic gabbro, used in aggregate

Mica: used for oil well-drilling muds, used in paints

Schist: metamorphic rock, used for building, used in building stones

Nickel: plays a key role in chemical industries, used in household appliances

Gneiss: a metamorphic rock, used in eastern cities

Perlite: used for construction products, used in roof insulation boards

how rocks and minerals affect daily lives for humans

Well for one graphite is used in pencils and without pencils we would not be able to write anything. Zinc is used in making nails and roofing if we didn't have that everyone would not be protected by a house. That is just some of how it impacts us there are lots more just so many I just named two.