SSR project

By: Matthew Everett

Rand al'Thor

Rand is a young man who just turned 20. Rand is stubborn and refuses to be led anywhere. People often try to give him support but he thinks he must do it alone. There is a saying in Rand's hometown that goes like this, "Two Rivers folk can teach a mule a lesson..."(Fires of Heaven)

It does not have to be done alone.

Rand is offered help by many people but he often refuses it. Moiraine Sedai tells Rand "you do not have to do this alone, there are others who wish to help,"(Fires of Heaven) and after some reluctance Rand agrees to listen to Moiraine. Because he allowed her to teach him, Rand was able to understand the "Game of Houses"(Fires of Heaven).

Elayne Trakand was destined to fall in love with Rand. Elayne is the "Daughter-Heir of Andor" and so by definition, a princess. She grew up in a palace and is very well educated. Elayne helps Rand make decisions on simple matters such as manners, what to wear, and how to address certain people. She shows her understanding of how to dress for certain affairs by saying, "First impressions are important, you don't want to walk into a gathering of nobles dressed like a farm boy."(Fires of Heaven)

Egwene is short-tempered due to the fact that she grew up with Rand and has seen him change from farm boy to king. Often times Egwene ends up yelling things like "you are a wool headed fool Al'thor!" Despite her temper Egwene wants what is best for Rand and is willing to "help Rand carry this burden whether he wants me to or not."(Fires of Heaven)

Similar to Rand whenever I have a problem I hate getting other people involved. Both of us are very stubborn and prefer to deal with our problems by ourselves.

Tearless Cries

By: Ana-Alicia S. Farrar
When the poem says "We're all trying to help you with this hard & trying time

But you think we're crazy,"(Tearless Cries) the daughter expresses her feeling that her father refuses to accept anyone's help. This feeling is also expressed when the poem says "Do it for us, we need you, and that's a fact."(Tearless Cries) The speaker shows her sadness at the change when she said "I miss the way it used to be, just a few months ago."(Tearless Cries)

Not too long ago my father lost his job. This caused him to become distant and many times angry, but with his new job he has become more talkative and fun.