The Diary of Anne Frank


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Biography of Anne Frank

Anne Frank was born in Germany on June 12,1929.She had loved to write ever since she was a little girl.The diary that she had written in through the Halocaust was given to her on her 13 birthday.Anne had lived most of her life in Amsterdam or in the Netherlands,they moved to The Netherlands for hiding when Adolf Hitler became in control.After a few years in hiding Anne and her family were then sent to concentration camps.Anne later died sometime in February 1945,age 15.Her father was the only one to survive and later on published her diary that Miep had found after cleaning up the secret annex.
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Friendship is doing anything for someone you deeply care about.

In The Diary of Anne Frank they show friendship many times during their time in the secret annex.Mr.Frank shows friendship when he holds his daughter,Anne, and others back from going out of the secret annex where she could get taken by Nazis or Green Police.After Anne tried to go out Mr.Frank catcher her by the arm and says “Never.I am sorry Anneke.It isn't safe.No,you must never go beyond that door.”(379)Even though Anne and the others were tempted to go out of the annex and make sure all workman had cleared,Mr.Frank showed friendship to them because he saved them from having a chance of being caught.Another example of Friendship is when Anne is feeling bad about herself and is frustrated when her mother tells her to be more like Margot.Peter shows friendship to her when he helps Anne feel good about herself.Anne told Peter “Margots so good.Shes sweet and bright and beautiful and I'm not.” Peter then says “I wouldn't say that”(422)This shows that Peter cares for Anne because he made her feel better about herself through a hard time for both of them.

Courage can take you through hardships in life.

The Franks and Van Daans show that courage can take you through hardships in The Diary of Anne Frank.When a thief breaks into the office the Franks and Van Daans become frightened that the Green Police are below them.Mr.Frank gives the others courage. “Have we lost all faith?All courage?A moment ago we thought that they'd come for us.We were sure it was the end.We’re alive,safe.” This shows Courage can take you through hardships because everyone was sure that it was the police and that there stay was done,but it wasn't.When Mr.Frank reassured them everyone became confident and continued on with their Hanukkah celebration.

Another time that courage is shown is when Mr.Van Daan was stealing bread and was found stealing it.Everyone had become upset and angry because he had taken all the bread and had more food than everyone.They all started to argue and Mr.Frank gave them courage to not be disappointed with each other and respect everyone.Mr Frank states “For two long years we have lived here,side by side.We have respected each others rights. . . we have managed to live in peace.Are we now going to throw it all away? I know this will never happen again,will it,Mr.Van Daan?”(425)This shows Mr.Frank giving others courage through the hard time of persecution.

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My character is Anne.Anne is a free-spirited and energized young girl.An object that represents her in the play is her diary.In the play Anne rights in her journal every once in a while talking about her life in danger and what she did each day.An example of this is the Hanukkah celebration.She wrote in her diary of how they were celebrating on each day.This represents Anne also because it is what she did for most of the two years.After the war was over her father,Mr.Frank,published it because as said in Anne's diary it says her dream was to become a writer someday.Her father had made her dream come true.