Qin Dynasty (221-202 BCE)

By: Max, Drew, and Luis


There were only 3 emperor during the dynasty. Shi Huang, Er Shi, and San Shi. Shi Huang only ruled for 10 years. All 3 of the the emperors strict and made tons of laws. They took over with unification of military campaigns and political maneuvering that eventually absorbed its rival states. Shi Huang passed on the mandate of heaven to his sons, but they were not strong enough to hold the spot of emperor. Luckily they lasted 3 emperors. If they weren't lucky there only would have been 2 emperors.
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People staved because of the economics during the time of the Qin. Therefore the economics weren't their strongest area. Although they had a system of currency (coins with holes). Some things the the Qins traded were paper, bronze, food, medicine, silk, tea, etc. People who had slaves on farms are called landowners. These people were very important to the dynasty because it helps with trading with other countries. Also the geography of China made it hard to communicate with others.
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This is an example of one of the many coins

Inventions/ Technology/ Science & Architecture

During the Qin dynasty they made some really cool, helpful, amazing inventions. One inventions the Qin dynasty made was The great wall of China. The great wall of China is 8,851.8 kilometers long and 2232 years old. Around 500,000 people built the wall and used stone, rocks, clay tiles, and limestone. They also made the Terracotta army, which was made to protect the first Qin of the dynasty. Another invention of the Qins was coins with holes. These were made to have a currency and a easy way to hold it on peoples belts.
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This is a picture of the Great wall of China

Religion/ Culture/ Social Life

Religion was taking very seriously in the Qin dynasty, called legalism. Legalism was a very strict religion and also a type of philosophy. For an example of strictness in the religion girls got their feet broken, then bandaged , and repeats that to reduce the size of their feet. Also women were forced to stay home and take care of the children and the house. Also Qin made people form the terracotta warriors to protect Qin Shi Haung in the afterlife. In china Confucianism was illegal... That was the religion when Confucius was the emperor.
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10 Interesting facts

  • 8,000 soldiers, 130 chariots with 520 horses and 150 cavalry horses in the tomb of Emperor Shi Haung
  • In China the Great wall of China is called Wann Li
  • The Qins made an instrument named after themselves
  • Qin Er Shi commit suicide which then ended the Qin dynasty
  • China is named after the Qin Dynasty
  • Qin had spies all over the country to hear if anyone talked bad about the emperor
  • If you talk bad about the emperor and a spy heard them they would have to work on the Great Wall of China or be executed
  • The Qin Dynasty clan lasted for 21 years and ended in suicide and death.
  • In 206 BCE the Qin capital city was destroyed.
  • Emperor Shi Huang exiled his own son to go work on The Great Wall of China.