10th College & Career

Quarter 3 - February 8th

College/Military/Career Representatives: Ask the right questions:

As second semester Sophomores, students are ready to begin to talk to and pursue contacts with many of the representatives that come to Triopia in the Fall and Spring. To get the most out of these connections, students are encouraged to know what kinds of questions to ask.

College Representatives:

* do you offer the major that I am interested in?

* what is the average class size

* will I have an advisor

* what are your admissions requirements

* what are your graduation and retention rates

Military Recruiters:

* what are your requirements

* what are the benefits

Career Representatives:

* what are your companies requirements

* what benefits does your company offer

Field Trip!

On March 10th, all sophomores and juniors will be invited to attend the Regional College Fair at IC from 9a-11a, then the Two Rivers Career Fair from Noon-2pm.

Clean Up Social Media

If students stop to talk to representatives of colleges, careers, or military, these representatives will want their names so they can contact them with more information.

Often, the representatives will look up a students "social media footprint". A footprint is the trail of information that can be followed as you post, tweet, like, and share information on various social media accounts.

When these representatives look at a students "footprint", what will they find?

"Professional Email"

Usually, representatives from colleges, careers, or the military will want to be able to contact you via email.

Your sophomore year is a great time to set up a more "adult-like" email. Here are some good tips when setting up an email that makes you look professional!

  1. Don't use something that can give away your age.
  2. Avoid political, gender, or religious references
  3. Keep it simple.
  4. Safe bet, your name!