Mira, Mirror

Mettle Ivie Harrison

Story Summary

Abandoned by her parents, then apprenticed to a witch, Mira is captivated by the witch's other young apprentice - a girl with dark beauty and a talent for magic. Mira is overjoyed when the girl adopts her as a sister. she would do anything for this beautiful girl. And that is what her sister bargains on. With the utterance of a simple spell, Mira's life is changed forever. Her body is turned to wood, her face to glass, her only power is the magic her sister gives her, the power to make her sister a queen. But one day the sister disappears, and where one fairy tale ends, another begins. Mira is left to gather dust until a new hope arrives - a peasant girl with troubles and needs of her own. Soon the two are on their way to find a new kind of magic, magic that gives life instead of taking it. But the past can never be forgotten on the path to the future. With a spellbinding mixture of mystery and magic, Mette Ivie Harrison spins a tale of love, lies, and redemption.


Mira the Magic Mirror

Mira was once a girl and her sister used her magic to turn her into a mirror so Mira could always make her beautiful. Her sister left her to be a queen and she was gone for a long time and Mira was left on a wall for many year.


Zerba is the which that took Mira in as her apprentice and taught her how to read. She was the head which and many of the town people asked for her help. She seemed to work good magic and did not use her magic in foolish ways.

Mirra's Sister

Mira used all her magic to make her more beautiful so she could become a queen. Mira's sister also turned her into a mirror and disappeared.


Ivana is the girl that found Mirra and took care of her. She was the run-away peasant girl looking for a new home. She met the Merchant family and she was turned into the merchant's daughter Talia. She is bound to mary the Duke. She is also quite and shy but her confidence and personality is blooming.


She is the merchant's daughter and she is happy she gets to change places with Ivanna because she can marry the man that she loves. She is very smart wit her math and helping her with her fathers's business and she speeks the way she feels. She isn't as beautiful as Ivanna but she helps to take care of Ivanna and treat her as her own sister.

Merchant Minitz

Merchant Minitz is Talia's father and takes in Ivana as his own. He lost his wife (Talia's mom) long ago and is still lonely but loves his daughter very much. He Really enjoys good meals and eats good. He is a good bargainer and a good merchant.

The Men to Marry

Talia does not wish to marry the Duke but Ivanna is thrilled to have a man in her life that will treat her right. Talia is excited she will marry the man she is truely in love with in Belenin.

Mette Ivie Harrison

She is also the author of The Princess and the Hound, The Princess and the Bear, The Princess and the Snowbird, and her new trilogy will begin with Two Princesses, which is about two princesses coming from rival kingdoms who have to learn to balance their loyalty to one another and to their home lands.

She lives in Layton, Utah with her husband and 5 children.

She likes to compete in triathlons locally with Olympic distances.

She likes to cook, quilt, knit, crochet in her spare time and attempt to play the piano.

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Snow White and the Magic Mirror Part 1

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