By: Anaeliz Jacobo

World Geography 2A

November 5, 2014

Since you can read this, it means you can speak English. Well, Belize’s official language is English. Although some other languages are also spoken, you can easily go to Belize without the complications. Belize has warm climates year round. It has warm summers and its winters are not too cold. Perfect temperatures for vacations. You should also know that Belize has over 200 islands, also called cays, which can be visited for a wonderful day. These cays are a good spot for fishing, snorkeling, and diving. You can visit Mayan temple sites and explore the ancient history of Belize. You can visit the world’s biggest underwater hole in Belize. The blue hole measures about 1000 ft. across and 412 ft. deep. If you like jaguars, come to the jaguar preserve. Belize has an amazing wildlife and about 40% of Belize is a protected habitat. If you like to explore underwater, Belize has the second largest barrier reef in the world ready to be explored by you. Belize’s caves are also waiting for you since Belize has some of the most amazing caves systems in Central America. These caves have lots of history in them since they were used by Mayans to perform sacred rituals.

Most of Belize’s population consist of mostly Roman Catholics with 40% of its population. Some other religions present in Belize are Pentecostal, Adventist, Anglican, Mennonite, Baptist, Methodist, Nazarene, and Jehovah’s witnesses. There are some other religions like the Maya religion, Garifuna religion, Obeah and Myalism, and small quantities of Mormons, Hindus, Buddhist, Muslims, Baha’is, and Rastafarian.

It's almost impossible to believe, but in in Belize, the official language is English. Although some other languages are spoken regionally, English is its main language. Then, you won't need to use a translator, you say "hello" as you would say it in English, "hello".

Ethnic groups

Belize's mayor ethnic groups are mestizos, being 50% of its population. Followed by Kriol being 21% of its population. Mayans are 10% of Belize's population. 6% are Multiethnic, 4.5% are Garinagu, 3.6% German, 2.1% East Indian, 1% are other white, and 0.9% are East Asian.

The Battle of St. George's Caye Day, also known as National Day, is celebrated on September 10. Belize celebrates Independence Day is celebrated on September 21. The Fiesta de Carnaval is held in Belize every February just before lent begins.

They have a deer dance festival in August. They host a Lobster festival in June and July.

Belizean music has influences of Kriol, Mestizo, Garifuna, and Maya. They play polkas, waltzes, and mamba.

Belize's breakfast depends on their ethnicity. Some Belizeans eat fry jacks while some others eat Ceviche. Their food depends on their roots.

Tourism makes up most of Belize's economy. Secondly, exports of marine products help the economy of Belize. Followed by exports of citrus, sugar canes, bananas, and garments.
Introduction to Belize