Hull House

Come See What It's All About

Tired of feeling out of place?

Come join us at Hull House for classes and experiences for those new to America.

Child Care available

While you are here for classes, take advantage of our nursery school, kindergarten, and playground.

Clubs and Classes

Older children may come for specialized classes provided after school.

Savings Bank

Unsure about the American monetary and financial system? Let us help you out in our bank.

Health Care

We have a medical dispensary to help you with basic medical needs.

Meeting Rooms

Need a place for meetings for your trade union? Come on in, we have a space for you.

Adult Education

Want to advance your position? We provide adult education classes as well as college extension courses that can help you improve your situation at work and in society. Classes include English learning, citizenship, theatre, art, and music.

Multicultural Events

Tired of feeling culturally separated from your children and your home? Join us for various activities throughout the year that coincide with cultural and ethnic celebrations. You can be a new American and still celebrate your heritage while teaching your children where they came from. Celebrations include those of Italian, German, Greek, Russian, French, and other cultural heritages. Join us for celebrations you know, or come learn a new one.

Grand Opening of the Labor Museum

Saturday, June 15th 1895 at 6pm

800 S Halsted St

Chicago, IL

Join us for this wonderful event that showcases the handicrafts and artifacts of Europe. Young people, come see our demonstrations and displays of artistry of your parents' youth.

Come see the relationship between these handicrafts and today's industry.

Those of various ethnic and cultural backgrounds can view works from their own past and those of others. Open up some dialogue about what makes us different as well as similar as Americans.

Beverages and finger foods will be served

All ages welcome

Jane Addams; Founder and Director

Jane is a progressive American woman seeking to better the lives for all people. She believes everyone has something to offer community; no matter their heritage or ethnicity. Hull House was established to aid immigrants in becoming Americans while still preserving their culture. Jane believes all children deserve an education; even if they are poor. Classes and clubs at Hull House can help the children of immigrants find a balance between cultural assimilation being taught in public school and the heritage their parents are trying to preserve.