Charming Owls

Summer Edition

Maximize Your Business & Attain Your Goals!

I have talked with many of you and found that the majority of you joined Origami Owl for Financial Gain and/or Socializing. With that in mind, what’s the best way to move forward with your business? Set specific goals that will help you stay on task and get exactly what you want out of your business. Below I have listed some ideas on how to reach your Social & Financial goals.


Financial Gain: Personal Sales:

Financial Gain: Building Your Team:

The potential to earn huge team bonuses is endless! Check out the company monthly averages by rank! (see below)
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Take Flight to Paradise!

Whooo's Going on this AMAZING Incentive Trip?! This is a very attainable goal for each of you! Your hard work will pay off when you win this awesome, all-inclusive vacation!


February 4-7, 2014

February 7-10, 2014


+ Earn a minimum of 15,000 points to qualify

+ $1 Personal Volume (PV) = 1 Point

+ $250 Central Team Volume (CTV) = 1 Point

+ 300 Designers with the highest points earn a trip!

* For complete contest details see your Back Office

Fun Jewelry Bar Game Idea

Create a couple lockets for Famous People, Movies, TV Shows, etc. At your jewelry bar, show the locket. The first person to guess who the locket belongs to wins a FREE charm.