Career-Changers Guide

What If I Change Paths?

Considering a Change

Exploring Your Options

1. Evaluate your current job satisfaction by keeping a journal with your thoughts about your job, company, and coworkers. This will help you decide whether or not you need to change careers.

2. Identify your skills, weaknesses, and capabilities to decide what career field would be perfect for you.

3. Deciding what you want in a new career is a crucial and important step towards finding a job that will make you happy.

Developing a Plan

Mapping Your Moves

1. Build a team of people that are willing to help support you and your decisions during your job change

2. Research different career paths you could be interested in and then narrow those down to the one you want to go into.

3. Make sure the new career you picked will provide enough income for you to support yourself. Your new career choice shouldn't revolve around the money you would make, but be sure it will provide a steady supply of income.

Making the Change

Burning No Bridges

1. Before leaving your job, make sure to notify any of your clients or customers that you won't be working for that company or business anymore.

2. You MUST give your employer at least a two week notice before leaving. Giving a notice will show your previous employer that you respect them and in return they may even act as a reference for your new job.

Beginning the New Journey

Showcasing Your Experience

1. Know that you are going to be starting over in rank and that you need to prove yourself. Show your new boss that you are a hard worker and prove that you will make a smooth transition into your new career.

2. Be able to adjust to your new career, workplace, and coworkers. Get to know everyone involved in the company and make sure you participate in any activities the company holds.