The Permian Time Period

By: Clare Schnicker

Some Animals and Plants In the Permian Time Period

Warm blooded reptiles such as: Lystrosaurus, Dinogorgon, Ophiacodon, Varanosaurus, Dimetrodon, Edaphosaurus, Sphenacodon, Platyhystrix, diasparactus, Limnoscelis. Also there are strange bugs and Trilobite,there are also variates or sea creatures. Some plant in the Permian time period are Conifers, Seed Ferns, Ferns, Horsetails, Early Gymnosperms, Lycopods, and other Drought-Resistant Plants.

Things You Will Need to Bring Will You

Weapons such as guns and any other weapons that could kill and animal if it was trying to attack you, tent or more durable equipment to build a hut or house, scuba gear and boat if you want to go into the water, warm weather clothing and cold weather clothing. Rain coat, food that won't go bad and enough, plenty or water or drinks but not pop because pop doesn't help if you are thirsty.

Some of the events happening

We are located at the Permian Time Period (Travel Agent of the future and the past)

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