Plasti dip

Plasti Dip FAQ

What is plasti dip?

-Plasti dip is a unique rubber coating that may be applied to something by dipping it in a liquid or sprayed onto a surface from a spray can or spray gun.

What can I use Plasti Dip for?

You can:

-plasti dip wheels

-plasti dip tools

-plasti dip game consoles(Xbox,ps3,etc)

-plasti dip your hood

-plasti dip your roof

-plasti dip your valence

-plasti dip your whole car

Does plasti dip really peel off?

-Yes, plasti dip, if applied correctly, will peel off most surfaces.

What is the best way to peel off plasti dip?

-the best method to get plasti dip off is to start at an edge, roll the plasti dip inwards and then start pulling it off.

How long should I wait between coats of plasti dip?

-You should wait about 10 to 15 minutes between coats of plasti dip. This time may be a bit longer if you are thinning down your plasti dip.

My plasti dip is สีสเปรย์ blobs, or splattering, help!

-if you are using cans, they may not be shaken properly or the can may be too cold. Try leaving the cans in warm water for a few minutes or leaving them on your defroster. Be sure to shake the plasti dip cans often.

What is the best spray gun to use when spraying plasti dip?

-A HVLP spray gun is recommended for plasti dip. The most popular gun is the Earlex 3500 but people have reported good success with the Earlex 2900 and similar Wagner guns.

Can I plasti dip in the cold?

-It is possible to plasti dip in the cold and freezing temperatures however it may take longer to dry between coats.

I don’t like the “matte” or “flat” look, is there anything I can do about it?

-You may option for the Plasti Dip Glossifier, which will coat your Plasti Dip in a clear glossy layer. You may add as many coats as you need to obtain the effect you are looking for.

Can I use Plasti Dip to tint my taillights or headlights?

-Using regular black Plasti Dip is not recommended for your lights however you can buy Plasti Dip Smoke which will provide a lighter, more transparent coat to your lights to achieve the “smoke” effect. You may add the “Glossifier” on top of this smoke to achieve a cleaner and smoother look.