Happy Fall!

It's almost November! That means it's time for a bunch of reminders and information on our choir as we prepare for the upcoming concert season.

End of First Marking Period

Wednesday, November 6th is the end of the first marking period. Please double check on Parent Portal to make sure all assignments are finished. These include:

  1. All Edmodo Vocal Tests (i.e. Solfege Scale, and Tonic Solfege Patterns) These were recording assignments that were submitted electronically.
  2. Evening rehearsal excuse forms and makeups. Every missed rehearsal needs an excuse form and a makeup to be counted for credit. Unexcused absences will result in a credit deduction as per the syllabus.

Even if you think you have completed these assignments, please double check! Some people submitted assignments with no attachment, some people tried to emailed me assignments but misspelled my name. Better to be safe than sorry! Please see me or email me with any questions or concerns.

It's been an amazing experience to have recorded vocal tests. I have been able to give a lot more individualized feedback while maintaining class instructional time. I think it will be a fantastic opportunity for all of our choir members to improve, grow, and reflect at the end of the year on their improvement from the first vocal test to the last.


At this point we have sent in our initial participant list to our tour company for Boston! This will allow us to get a good idea on a final cost for our tour. If your child did not give Mr. Villante a payment or let him know about their interest then they may not be on this list. If you're not sure about the status of your child on the trip, please contact Mr. Villante ASAP.

In addition, please make sure that you have also registered for the tour through the TRC website. Instructions for this are found on Mr. Villante's teacher site under documents. All registrations must be complete by Friday, November 1st!

The next payment towards our tour will be on Friday, November 15th. This second payment will be for $200. All checks must be made payable to CB East Choir.


Our fundraising efforts are ongoing! We recently finished our Yankee Candle sale, which was a huge success. This fundraiser generated over $4,000 towards our students for our upcoming tour! A HUGE thank you to Mrs. McGonigal for running this fundraiser for us. You can pick up your candles in the following ways:

  1. Pick them up at the November 11th evening rehearsal
  2. Pick them up at Mrs. McGonigal's house

Mrs. McGonigal's address and contact information are:

4928 Gloucester Dr

Doylestown, PA 18902



We are also wrapping up our KidStuff book fundraiser on Thursday (Halloween!). Please be sure that your child either turns in their order forms and payment, or the book they took in class to Mr. Villante on Thursday.

We have three ongoing fundraisers if you would like to get involved. They are:
  • Program Ads. These are found on Mr. Villante's teacher page under documents.
  • Gift Card/Scrip. These are also found on Mr. Villante's teacher page under documents.
  • Poinsettias. Information packets will be sent home this week. Please ask your child about it if you would like to participate.

If there are any questions or concerns about fundraisers, please contact Mr. Villante.

Evening Rehearsals

Our evening rehearsals have been very successful so far this year. It's truly a pleasure to hear everyone together working towards our common high standard.

As a reminder, if your child miss an evening rehearsal, they need to submit an excuse note AND a makeup to receive credit. This makeup should be a recording of a full song that we worked on in that rehearsal. If a recording is not possible, makeups can be done in person. This information was all part of the syllabus, which can be found on Mr. Villante's teacher site for your reference.

Our next evening rehearsal will be on Monday, November 11th. This evening rehearsal will also be when Yankee Candles will be distributed to those who sold Yankee Candles as a part of our fundraiser. Please be ready to bring home your boxes of candles!

Upcoming Events!

  • November 1st - Trip Registration Deadline
  • November 6th - End of First Marking Period
  • November 7th - Next CPO Meeting. 7:00PM in the Choir Room!
  • November 11th - Evening Rehearsal All Students 7:00PM - 8:30PM in the Auditorium. Yankee Candles will also be picked up at this time.
  • November 15th - Next Tour Payment Due. ($200)
  • November 15th - Next Edmodo Assignment due. Duh Tvoy Blagiy Vocal Test.
  • November 22 - 24 - The Sound of Music. Come out and support some of our talented choir kids
  • November 23rd - District Choir Auditions for those selected to audition.