The Great War

a.k.a The American-Sinno War

The Prologue

In the year 1945 the US finished developing the atomic bomb they key to the end of WWII and the world itself. After the war the US entered into the peaceful powerful giant guarding freedom and leading the way in development. Though life was stuck in a cultural prison for the 50s scientific development excelled except for the science of micro technology meaning bulky and very resource wasting. This would lead to dry up of many oil resources and other natural resources resulting in a long bloody period known as " The resource Wars". These would end when in 2070 China invaded one of the last oil resources known in the world (Alaska).

Operation Anchorage

To respond to the Chinese invasion the US Army initiated Operation Anchorage to take back Alaska and the oil pipelines. The operation would last till the end of the war and be one of the bloodiest campaigns. The line would constantly shift as US forces fought hard against entrenched Chinese. s the war dragged on and oil became scarcer leaving tanks and other vehicles obsolete. The US Government pushed for the development of the fusion cell. The invention led to the creation of vehicles run on fusion batteries, laser weapons, plasma weapons, and the mother of all weapons: Power Armor. The power armor was designed to make a single man a tank. These suits allowed the US forces to overwhelm Chinese forces on the Anchorage front and the Gobi Desert front also known as Operation Dragon Hunter.

Most Important People

"War is Hell and Hell demands blood, so we bled for every inch of that hell"

Operation Dragon Slayer

As trench warfare rages in Alaska thousands of marines and special forces soldiers land in China to strike back against the communist. Using blitzkrieg tactics and heavy firepower they were able to smash the enemy forces even capturing Beijing. The first few months were heavy combat around the Yellow and Yangtze river and also the Chinese gulf. The next few months would evolve into desert and jungle warfare as soldiers marched through the Gobi desert to secure secret facilities and strategic resources. The last few days would be heavy urban combat within the cities of Beijing and Nanjing.