King Jr. V.S. Malcolm X

Are these two men equal?

Dr king

Dr. king jr. had been born on January 15th 1929. His was a religious man and had been a baptist minister by the time he had become a civil rights activist in the 1950s. He was the leader of SCLC and had believed in peaceful protests. Dr. king Jr. had adopted Martin Luther in his name in honor of the German Protestant Martin Luther

Dr. King Jr. was as many people saw him he was a charitable man and had been doing many things for society that had been benefiting the African-Americans of American. This is also further proved because he had world recognition and the world was watching because he did receive the Nobel Peace prize in 1964.

Malcom X

Malcolm X had been born on May 19 1925. His Father was a Baptist minister and was an avid believer in Black Nationalist leader Marcus Garvey. This caused his family to move around multiple times while he was young. His Father was killed in 1931 two years after his house in Michigan was destroyed.

He then returned to where he had been born, Boston, after he had returned he was convicted with burglary and had 10 years of prison but sent of parole after 7 years. He remembered his brother talking about NCI one day and decided to look up on them. Soon he converted to the Muslim religion and dropped the "little" in his name for the "X" symbolizing his lost tribal name.

What did they do?

Dr King Jr. and Malcolm X had both made a great advancement and really brought up the inequalities and hypocrisies of America. While America was fighting a war in Europe about unfair treatment the African Americans were being treated terrible in America.

Dr. King jr. had made great advances for the African Americans of America. He did so with his peace marches. The one that is best known is his "I have a dream" speech which is the March on Washington. With his influence he had a conference with JFK and made a good impression with the President causing the beginnings of the Civil Rights act of 1964.

Malcolm X had a more aggressive approach in terms of ways of going about getting their civil rights. Malcolm X had been trying to rile them up, get them aggravated but at the same time controlling how much they would be angry. He had been overshadowed by MLK because of the fact that Historians prefer MLK's way and want that to happen rather then controlling the people's anger

Malcom X after accepting true Islam


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