Hatchet By Gary Paulsen

Shelf Talker By Jayce Coldiron

What would you do if you were in a plane crash, and you were the only one who survied in a place that no one can find you?

Imagine the pilot of your plane had a heart attack and all you could do was hold on. Coming a second away from drowning, hearing your heart beating out of you chest, and trying to get out of the water relizing you made it on land. You made it, but you notice no one made it but you, and night was falling, hearing howling and feeling bugs all around you. You look around noticeing theres no people, cars, or buildings. Going trew sun burns, lack of fresh, drinking water, listening to the sound of your stomach growling, and getting bite and bite over and over to the point you couldnt take it no more, if you like advenutures and survivel you would love the book Hatchet.