Cyrano de Bergerac

Character Description

Cyrano is a witty poet, musician, playwright, and swordsman who looks after values, morals, and love. He is a member of the Cadets of Gascoyne, which is a company of guards from France. He has a big long nose, which keeps him from being attractive, as he told a meddler “you may go—Or tell me why you are staring at my nose” (Rostand 27). He fears that his love for Roxane would be rejected because of his physical appearance, so he expresses his feelings through writing letters. As the novel progresses, his inner beauty is revealed when Roxane says “I never loved but one man in my life, And I have lost him – twice” (Rostand 193). This makes Cyrano realize that appearance is not everything, and at the end tells Roxane “Love, I love you beyond breath” (Rostand 109). Although he lacked self-confidence and was very insecure about himself, he was honorable and he displayed to be a man that everyone would like to be.