By: Joshua Ellis White


The first thing you will need to know about 6th grade Pre-Sports is that you will be around a bunch of guys constantly and that every so often a person will be an idiot and get agitated at you. In order to stay in Pre-Sports you need to try and realize that all the buffoons and barbaric idiots will be gone the next year....hopefully. After you get past all the jerks and problems you will start realizing that Pre-sports is a satisfying fun part of your life.


In Pre-Sports we play fun games ranging from football to soccer. All these games have a purpose though, They teach what it is like to play these sports on a team and will also show which sport you have the most potential in. After you finish Pre-Sports you will go into Athletics, in Athletics you will choose between track, football, and basketball. Whatever sport you were best at is the sport that you will probably play. But in the meantime you need to be and do good in Pre-Sports in order to get into Athletics. SPOTS ARE LIMITED!!!

Sports we play in Pre-Sports