(My future job)


A veterinarian has a job just as important as a doctors.Both jobs are dedicated to helping save lives.. This is a big job so to be someone who saves lives you have to have a doctorate degree.


Getting payed is an important part when you decide what you want to be.I do not want the money all that much. All I want is to help animals in need. With this job you get $50,000-$145,000 per year.

Some animals I want to work with

Why do I want to do this job?

When you are a vet you are not just helping just helping the animals you are also helping the owner of the animal get their pet back to their self. The best thing in the world is helping people don't you think?

Job description

Being a vet is a big job. You get to help all animals big,small,wild,or one that has grown up in a house.It is a lot of fun to help animals get healthy and good again so they can go home and do what they love,play with their owners.
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