Warm my house with beer and meat juices

I've used an online flyer service for this invitation. Ghastly, isn't it?

So I finally got around to the house-warming party. A mere nine months after moving in. So long in fact, that I'm a year older. Let's not get into the details of that. Let's just say there's a '4' involved.

Please let me know whether you can make it so I can plan for food, and bring whatever you'd like to drink. If it rains on the day, we'll improvise. Lots of good pubs nearby. Did I mention the local Spar has a pizzeria in it?

Housewarming & birthday barbecue

Saturday, Aug 11th, 3pm

E17 3JQ, United Kingdom

44 Turner Road

Call me on 07817 413 761 if you get lost

12-minute walking route from Walthamstow Central

This route isn't available on Google maps because it involves an unmapped path. Basically, from Walthamstow Central, cross over the road at the lights and walk down the steps/cycle path into St Mary Road. Walk right up to the top and you'll find the path. Walk up until you arrive at the church and swing left through the graveyard*, through the gates and then turn right into Church Hill Road. Walk all the way down and cross over into Turner Road. Takes 12 minutes and there's a beer shop on the corner of Turner Road.

Hope you like the map. I drawed it all by myself.

* Graveyard is not scary.