American Citizenship

By: Dominic Barton, Braeden Carr

Character Traits of A Good Citizen

Three most important character traits are good work ethic, you need to be honest, and you need to be have tolerance. You need a good work ethic so you can complete your duties on time. You need to be honest encase you are called for jury duty. Tolerance is the most important character traits to have because it is what makes a diverse society.

Steps of Naturalization


1. You need to reside in the U.S. for five years.

2. You need to complete an application.

3. You attend an interview.

4. You need to pass an English and civics test.

5. You need to take the oath of loyalty


As a U.S. citizen, you have to attend school until you turn sixteen, you have to attend jury duty if called on, and if you are an eighteen year old male, you have to apply for the draft. You need to have some kind of education. If you have to attend jury duty, you need to be prepared for what you have to attend to. You have to apply for the draft encase we are running low on soldiers.


You are able to support any religion you want, you have to ability to speak, and you can participate in any petition you want. You should support in the religion that you think is the best. You can say what you want to say as long as it is not offensive.


Three responsibilities that you should do are voting,, volunteer, and respect others. You should vote to express who you believe should be the president. You should volunteer to help the community. You should respect others, so you can get respect yourself.

Dominic Barton, Braeden Carr

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