The Coppell Times

by Adi Chintalapudi on Edward Alexander Bouchet

Edward Bouchet's early childhood

Edward Bouchet was born in his house on September 15th 1852 in New Haven, Connecticut in the United States of America to his parents William and Susan Bouchet. He grew up in New Haven where only three schools in New Haven open to black children. Bouchet was enrolled in a school with only one teacher.

Edward Bouchet's schooling

Edward bouchet attended New Haven High School for 2 years after that he went to Hopkins School for his other 2 years where he was named valedictorian. After high school he went to Yale and his physics career took off and he earned his PH.D.

Edward Bouchet's family

William Francis Bouchet and Susan Bouchet were employed at Yale College as a janitor and a laundry person. Well aware of Edward’s talent. William and Susan had hoped their son would one day go to Yale College. The fulfillment of this dream would be hard because no African American has been to Yale.

Edward Bouchet's Proffessional life

Edward Bouchet could not find a major university teaching job due to Discrimination so Bouchet taught physics for twenty-six years at the Institute for Colored Youth in Philadelphia, PA. He also taught at Quaker institution which had earned a reputation for high academic standards. Edward Bouchet resigned in 1902.

Edward Bouchet's Awards

Edward Bouchet was one of the first African Americans to go to an American university, which was Yale, and was the very first African American person to get a PH.D from an American university. Edward Bouchet was a renown physicist. After he died, to promote the participation of under-represented minorities in physics the Edward Bouchet award and money is given to minorities that make significant contributions to physics.

Edward Bouchet's famous quote

"Optics is an example of the different ways a human is able to see things in the world. The same goes for the color of a person's skin and even though optics present that there are differences in color, these do not state that they should necessarily be treated as different". - Edward Alexander Bouchet

Edward Bouchet's Death

In 1916 illness forced Edward Bouchet to retire, so he moved back to New Haven and 2 years later in 1918 he died due to heart failure at the age of 66.