Constant Function

He'll be your constant friend.

General Equation: f(x)=c

Here's all the information you should know about the fantabulous Manuel, the CONSTANT FUNCTION!

His domain: All real numbers.

His range: Only what the "c" value is.

His Intercepts: The value of "c" on the y-axis.

Even/Odd: Manuel is an even function.

Increasing/Decreasing: Manuel does not increase or decrease!

Symmetric with respect to: The y-axis (SEE, he's very respectful!)

Maximum/Minimum: There is no maximum or minimum with him!

Also, he's very well behaved, and won't give you any trouble - how great is that?! NO mood swings, whatsoever.

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On sale now for chocolate (lots of it)

Why chocolate?

I find that chocolate is quite delicious, therefore I feel that it would be enough for this mysterious and magical function; money is good too, but chocolate will make the cut as well.

Manuel needs a home!

i would take him myself, but there are already a whole bunch of functions at my house that I have to take care of.

Sorry, little guy.

I can't help that I've got...

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He's faithful to the end, my friend.

Take Two

Always Been Right Here by Take Two