Andrews Elementary

November 2022

Upcoming Events:

  • November 1: picture retakes
  • November 6: daylight savings time ends - change clocks
  • November 7: MCT (vision) screenings
  • November 11: Veteran's Day Program at 9:15 AM
  • November 14: 2 hour delay for staff professional development
  • November 14: School Board Meeting at 7:00 PM at Salamonie School
  • November 15: "Principal for a Day": Mr. Justin Barker from Edward Jones will be visiting in the morning to be "Principal for a Day".
  • November 18: Fort Wayne Philharmonic Assembly in the morning
  • November 22: third grade field trip to downtown Huntington
  • November 23-25: Thanksgiving Break
  • November 28: NWEA testing window November 28-January 13
  • November 28-December 16: F&P (reading benchmark testing)
  • November 28-December 7: Food Drive for community

Body Safety Lessons in November


In November, the counselors at each elementary school in Huntington County Community Schools present and share safety information with all students in kindergarten through fifth grades. We show a series of short videos from that range from approximately 2 to 4 minutes each. These videos deal with the subject of body safety and present it to your students in a clear, strong, positive way. After watching them, we discuss safety issues. If they think that their body is threatened, we suggest options for them to pursue as part of a body safety plan. They know that they must talk to an adult that they trust. Adults must also know that they need to listen to children when they have such a concern. You may view these videos on if you wish by selecting the appropriate grade range for your child, either K-3 or 4-6.

I personally believe that these videos present the information to students very well – in ways that are easy to understand. If children have questions, I do my best to answer them and encourage them to talk to their parents. If they have a private matter to discuss, then we make an appointment to discuss this in private. That way we respect others’ privacy and keep information confidential. If your children have questions after watching and discussing the videos, please feel free to discuss this with them. You may also call me to clarify the content of the videos or what was discussed with the children.

As always, I care for your children, and I want them to be safe. It is my responsibility as their counselor to educate them about ways to be safe. I appreciate having the privilege of working with your children, and I am open to discussing their safety with you. Thank you!

Mrs. Terpstra, School Counselor at Andrews

Salvation Army Food Drive

In November, we will collect canned food and boxed non-perishable food for our local community. We can take any nonperishable item. Please check the expiration dates before you send in any food. We cannot take expired food. We will be collecting food the week of November 28-December 7. All food stays in the Huntington community. Our student council students will help with collection. Thank you for your support of our food drive again this year.

Thank you JROTC!

On Saturday, October 29th, about 30 members of the HNHS group of JROTC students came to Andrews. They worked on painting the playground, painting the yellow gate, and cleaning out the little creek in our courtyard. It was a very messy job. Mrs. Jenny Elliott, Kindergarten teacher at Andrews, organized the event with the help of Mr. Bobby Blair. Everyone was very impressed with the hard working diligence of the JROTC students. We are very grateful for their help and community service!