Signing Up New Wellness Advocates

What You Need to Get Started Building Your "Power of 3"

Building Our DoTerra Family Dream Team !

Now that you are a Wellness Advocate with us, you are helping to build and strengthen our DoTerra family. Think of everyone you know, and ask yourself "Who would I LOVE to work with?" Begin there.

It's also helpful at this point to write a one paragraph describing what brought you to DoTerra, your passion, and your intention!

What do you want to create, and why do you want to create it ?!

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What You Need to Sign Someone Up:

So, you're working towards building your "Power of 3" first line, which means signing up 3 people that you want to work with and who also want to build with us.

There are 3 basic types of sign-ups:

Note: Some new enrollees might want to sign up as a Wellness Advocate, but might not be ready to commit to LRP (Loyalty Rewards Program). They might be very interested, but also might want/need to dip their toes in the water first. This is particularly true for those just transitioning into a career in health and wellness. Support them, ask them to co-teach with you and other team members; And when they are ready to commit to LRP, then begin to place others under them and help them build their first line. At that point, ask them to agree the the "New Wellness Advocate Agreement"

Meeting Hesitation with Information:

Let’s just get right to it. A lot of people are skeptical of network marketing, multi-level marketing, pyramid anything, schemes of any kind. And rightly so, there is a revolving door of businesses like these that are short lived and get spit out because the intention behind them is to get rich quick by selling people something of little or no value. That’s not what we are doing! Here are two insightful articles that shed some light on the history of this model of doing business:

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Here’s one way to think about it. We are passing on something that we love, that we believe in and that we already use. Becoming a Wellness Advocate is perfect for professionals who have new or existing businesses that DoTerra will dovetail into seamlessly: nutritionists, health and wellness coaches, acupuncturists, bodyworkers, somatic psychotherapists.

By not spending an ungodly amount of money on advertising and by using this business model, DoTerra is able to pass that economic nutrient on as income to those who make up their grassroots sharing (sales) force!

This is not conventional network marketing, this is peer mentoring with the goal of mutual prosperity and right livelihood and the tools to make that happen.

Identifying Your Style of Sharing:

How do you want to share DoTerra with others? What type of gatherings do you envision holding: small, large, intimate, formal or laid back? What subject/s seems the safest and most natural for you to begin integrating essential oils into your teaching? If you balance your diligence and consistency with your patience and determination, all things are possible!

One of the best definitions I've come across of the difference between fear and faith is by Anodea Judith: "Fear is a belief that something awful might happen, while faith is a belief that something good will happen" (Eastern Body, Western Mind).

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Let's Build the World We Want to Live in!

Gretchen Mehlhoff

Gretchen came to DoTerra as a health and wellness coach and yoga instructor, with a deep desire to share the plant-based wisdom of essential oils and empower her community with powerful tools for health and healing.

She is inspired by right livelihood, conscious co-existence, synergy, systems, synthesis, compassionate conservation, rewilding and the mutual prosperity and wellbeing for all beings.