Amazingly Alask-some

By: Theo Kunze

The "Lights"

Have you ever wondered how many days a year you can see the northern lights in Alaska!?! Well I have. But first Alaska's nickname is The Last Frontier. Now, you can see the northern lights an average of 243 days a year that's a lot. Every night you can see different variety and colors.
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Alaska achieved statehood in 1959 and was the forty-ninth to achieve it. The lowest temp was -80 degrees fahrenheit THAT’S COLD!!!!!! The highest temp was exactly (It’s true) only 100 degrees fahrenheit in 1915. Alaska is less than 50 miles from Russia. Have you ever watched any type of Alaska show on Nat Geo©. Do you see any woman. Well %52 of Alaska is men according to last polls.

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In Alaska there is Mario Chambers NBA. Then there is Parker Schnabel Gold Rush©.Last but not least Curt Schilling MLB⚾. 17 of 20 of U.S.’s highest peaks are in Alaska. Largest salmon caught in the U.S. was caught in Alaska and was 97.5 lbs.