Jaidyn Moore 2/Ms.Green

Temperate grassland

Temperate Grassland Food Chain

The main producer of the temperate grassland is grass. The grass will be eaten by the mouse. The mouse will then be eaten by the snake. The snake will give off its nutrience to the hawk. The hawk is the main consumer. The grass is also a produce to the rabbit. The rabbit will be eaten by the snake which gets eaten by the hawk. The grass is lastly a producer to the grasshopper. The grasshopper gets eaten by the lizard which gets eaten by the hawk. Yummy!! This cycle will continue until a species dies off or drops population


Commensalism is where an organism is doing better off a organism and the other is not effected.


Mutualism is where bothe organisms benefit

How Humans Are Impacting The Temperate Grassland

Humans are impacting temperate grasslands by banning hunting in certain areas. National parks have also been created in order to preserve the biome.