By Anna~Brooke

How can you compare fractions?

When you compare fractions you always cross-multiply when your numerators are the same.{THINK CANDY BAR!}.The more amount of parts you have the smaller pieces you will have. When your denominators are the same you look at your numerator .To compare fractions you will need to know your symbols less than and greater than.

What are equivalent fractions?

Equivalent Fractions are fractions that are equal. To find an equivalent fractions you either cross-multiply or multiply straight across. Sometimes there is a possibility that you could have to divide. Equivalent fractions have the same whole but their total parts are changed. Their shaded parts are different, but mean the same thing.

What does a fraction look like?

A fraction has equal parts, it also has a numerator and a denominator. The numerator represents the shaded parts or the parts not shaded and the denominator represents the total parts.