Get Up and Get Moving

Strengthen Learning Through Movement

Exercise your way to a better brain

Your movement and learning are processed in the same part of the brain! Children who take part in activities that involve the inner ear motion like jumping, rolling and swinging are more likely to have significant gains in attention and reading.

Play in the classroom is just as beneficial to learning

We can't spend hours outside everyday for recess or have P.E everyday, but there are still many things you can do inside.

Take a look at these ideas!

More Ideas

* Allow students to exercise with dance routines like Just Dance.

* Students can play solitary games like putting together a puzzle.

* If the weather is nice, let them observe outside or dig around.

* Practice a new skill through functional play. Allow student to play scoot or bingo in the room while moving around.

* A simple walk will also help. Allow students to walk around while pair sharing or talking with their group.

* Have a relay race for team building.

* Sports like soccer an football are great for P.E time.

A quick internet search will also provide great ideas for getting kids moving.


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